WOOSTER Sherlock GT Extension Pole

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Wooster extension poles are made with all the features that professionals demand.

Grip Tip™

  • The Sherlock GT poles have a true no-twist Grip Tip, holding frames in place so they can't loosen or rotate. Quick-disconnect allows you to unclip the roller frame in seconds with one push of the fiberglass reinforced nylon lever.



  • GT poles come with the R042 Conversion Tip stored in the handle. This screws on to standard universal threaded tools to convert them to the quick GripTip™ system.



  • The green quick-release position lock is made of durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a heavy-duty brass locking pin. Adjust the length of the pole with just a touch of the thumb. No slipping, no twisting!



  • The lightweight fiberglass outer pole makes Sherlock easy to handle. It has a polyester fabric surface treatment for durability. The handgrip provides comfortable, non-slip support.



  • The strong hexagonal inner pole, made of anodized aluminium, prevents twisting and locks in 150mm increments.