TRADEgear XP PRO Contractor Painters Tape - 50m

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An all-round painter™s tape with a difference! This slightly thicker washi tape has been developed for everyday masking on indoor and outdoor jobs with smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. With a high level of adhesion and tensile strength, sharp paint lines and zero paint bleed are guaranteed. The tape is both UV resistant and waterproof, and offers clean, residue free release for up to 30-days after application.

Suitable for use with all paint types, with sprayer, roller or brush application.

Carton Quantities
  • 18mm - 48 pack
  • 24mm - 36 pack
  • 36mm - 24 pack
  • 48mm - 24 pack


TradeGear tape is also available in the following types:

Pro PrecisionLine - 60day ultra-thin washi tape with razor-sharp paint lines - our most precise tape for smooth to semi-smooth surfaces.

Pro Delicate - 10day sensitive surface or 60day common surface, special adhesion washi tape ideal for freshly painted or delicate surfaces.

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