About us

At TradeGear, we didn't see why good service and good product couln't go hand in hand. It became our goal to provide a single place where trades and customers could find a range of hand-picked product, chosen for its cost-effectiveness, reliability and efficiency, and purchase it from a team that is actually excited about what we do!

We test and use every item we sell extensively, and it only makes the cut if it fits our 'Best Value' criteria. Best value isn't just about price - we measure how well the product performs, how much quicker it makes your works, how easy and practical it is to use, and how much money it generates compared to what it costs. When we find something we like, we are so sure you will like it as well that we back it with our own money-back guarantee.

Good product is essential of course, but we also place a lot of value on our service. From on-site demo's, Festool tool servicing, and enthusiastic and knowledgeable sales people, we aim to be a company that is solution driven and fun to be involved with.