FESTOOL Systainer³ Storage Box

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3rd generation Systainer without insert. Store and protect your equipment in a robust and weather-proof container that is easily portable, connectable and attaches securely to Festool dust extractors.

T-LOC easy open latch allows you to open systainer without having to disconnect from other systainers first.



  • Can be connected to one another and to different generations
  • Compatible with transport systems and mobile dust extractors
  • Enable organisation, an overview and professional appearance

Open, close and connect with a single turn

  • T-LOC is the central control element which combines three functions in one and is incredibly easy to operate.
  • Systainers are compatible with and can be connected to all Systainer generations, mobile dust extractors and many other system accessories.


  • Dust and spray water don't stand a chance. Protected against temperature fluctuations and impacts, easy to transport.
  • The combination of 100% ABS plastic and a robust structural design guarantees maximum strength.
  • SYSTAINERS are designed for temperatures of +90‚°C to -40‚°C. In short: They are indestructible.
Systainer Dimensions (LxWxH)  Internal Dimensions (LxWxH)
SYS 1 396 x 296 x 112mm 389 x 275 x 71mm
SYS 2 396 x 296 x 187mm 389 x 275 x 146mm
SYS 3 396 x 296 x 237mm 389 x 275 x 196mm
SYS 4 396 x 296 x 337mm 389 x 275 x 296mm
SYS 5 396 x 296 x 437mm 389 x 275 x 394mm
LARGE 507 x 296 x 143mm 501 x 275 x 94mm
XXL 188 792 x 296 x 237mm 786 x 279 x 188mm
XXL 288 792 x 296 x 337mm 786 x 279 x 288mm

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