ROKSET Pinnacle Pro Series Angled Sash Cutter

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Premium trade quality angled sash cutter brush.

  • Exceptional pick-up and release
  • Square handle design for better control when cutting in
  • Soft round tapered filament
  • Shape retention and easy clean qualities
  • Excellent results with gloss paints, use with all paints
  • Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • Ergonomically Balanced
  • Lacquered Hardwood Handle

The handle type of this brush, as well as the thinner ferrule with a lower filament count, gives the painter greater control. This and the angled profile of the filament make this brush ideal for cutting in sharper angled spaces. This brush is designed for professional painters who have greater demands from their brushes and are built-to-last with proper care. The high filament count gives this brush exceptional pick-up & release ability and a superior finish.

These brushes are ideal for uses with most paints. Brushes should be cleaned thoroughly after every use to prolong life.

  • 65% SRT PBT 0.18mm filament, 35% SRT PET 0.18mm filament
     - Solid Round Tapered filament gives superior pick-up & release, while dramatically improving smoothness & finish.
     - Premium PBT filament is soft yet has excellent stiffness, high abrasion resistance, and bend recovery, while also retaining wet stiffness in latex & water based paints.
     - PET filament increases the stiffness of the brush, while also retaining wet stiffness in latex & water-based paints.
     - Both filaments are round and smooth in shape.
     - This mixture of filaments is chosen due to it being the optimal combination of rigid & soft.
     - Both filaments are solvent resistant.
  • Epoxy bonded filament for strong attachment with no loose filament.
  • Stainless steel, riveted ferrule for anti-rust properties & added durability.
  • 2-piece ferrule with aluminium insert resulting in superior epoxy durability dramatically increasing lifespan.
  • Varnished hardwood handle results in high durability and an excellent hand feel, while being resistant to swelling & bowing.
  • ‘Rat Tail Handle’ design is shaped to hold like a pencil for excellent control, ideal for painting window and door frames.
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