OLDFIELDS Pro Series Oval Angle Sash Cutter

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Oval Angle Sash Cutter

  • Increased control for precise cutting in with the sharpest attention to detail
  • Ideal for cutting in and mouldings.
  • Longer handle for greater balance and control.


Pro Series Features

The Pro Series brushes features E4 Mark II designer filament created for the professional painter. The blend is a fusion of quality synthetic filaments that work together to achieve an outstanding paint finish. Compared against other leading paint brushes in the market, this brush has been developed to be the best brush in the market.

  • Superior paint pickup and hold capability.
  • Fast application with one coat coverage with even put down for a smooth finish.
  • Built specifically for precise edge control when cutting or detail work.
  • Strong, durable and shed resistant holding its shape for continuous use.
  • Easy to clean
  • The performance of these brushes has been carefully tested with alkyd based, water based and oil based paint.
  • Sophisticated technology to produce a durable brush option and remain true to Oldfields tradition of quality.
  • The brush handle is made of smooth fine beech wood and ergonomically designed.
  • Durable stainless-steel ferrule, with embossed logo and sink marks.
     Further Information

    E4 Mark II Designer Filament

    • AA Grade quality filament mix formulated exclusively for Oldfields.
    • Best used with premium gloss and satin sheen paints for a smooth professional finish for interior and exterior applications.
    • Non-stick technology for easy clean-up.
    • Hand formed chisel top that provides extra sharp, accurate cutting in.
    • The head construction is completed manually by skilled craftsman.
    • Extra-long tapered filament tips apply paint with an ultra-light touch to create the finest finish with virtually no surface marks.
    • Permanent bi-colour dyed Solid Round Tapered (SRT) quality synthetic filament provide resilience and paint flow.



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