Monarch Woven Polyester Roller Sleeve - Mixed Pack

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Mixed roller pack with 14, 20 and 26mm nap sleeves.

The MONARCH Woven Polyester roller cover range features a new premium quality, open weave, woven polyester fabric.

This innovative combination of longer nap lengths with double the fibre thickness* and an open weave fabric ensures that MONARCH Woven Polyester roller covers provide the ultimate coverage and a quality finish.

Best suited for flat, matt, low sheen, enamel & acrylic paints.


  • New Woven Polyester fabric provides high volume, excellent paint coverage for a quality finish.
  • Can be used with all paint types.
  • Features a durable polypropylene (PP) plastic core that and will maintain its shape.
  • End caps on roller covers help to reduce paint splatter.
  • 14mm nap will provide a high volume paint pick up and release for greater coverage and faster job completion* while maintaining a quality finish.
  • Ideal for painting interior walls & ceilings.
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