Industrial Diesel Fan Heater - 30kw

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The Series 3 IDH3-30 is a 30KW direct fired heater that is designed to provide an instant effective and reliable source of heat to a wide range of industrial, agricultural and commercial users.

The IDH3-30 heater can run on diesel or kerosene fuel, it comes complete with an integrated fuel tank, durable wheels and heavy duty handle for mobility. The top cover design allows for easy access for maintenance and servicing.

The digital display shows room (ambient) and setting temperature which is controlled by an adjustable thermostat where you can set a predetermined temperature. When the air temperature reaches the set temperature the heater will shut off and once the ambient temperature drops below the set temperature the heater will automatically turn back on.

Ideally suited for warming well ventilated warehouses and large workshop areas, building applications and drying applications.

Tech Specifications
Heat Output 30 kW / 102,360 BTU
Heating Area <300 m2
Air Flow 200 L/s
Power 230 W
Voltage 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Current 1.2 A
Fuel Type
Diesel or Kerosene
Tank Size 34 L
Consumption 2.4 L/hr
Continuous Run Time 14 hr
Pressure 0.31 bar
Fan Speed 1
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH) 860 x 520 x 610 mm
Cable Length 1.3 m
Fuel Cut Off Protection Yes
Malfunction Detection Light Built in


Tips for Use
  • Check your diesel fuel is clean
  • Adequate ventilation is required, try and position the heater near a roller door so its drawing fresh air in
  • In colder regions you may have more issues with diesel fuel solidifying causing blockages in fuel lines and nozzles, blending a mixture of Kerosene essentially helps thin out the fuel creating less blockage
  • Try not to leave your heater out in the cold after use, cover it with a tarp or blanket which will help melt the fuel lines stopping any blockages
  • After winter try not to leave any diesel in the tank, use it all up and drain out of the tank and cover it with a tarp or blanket and store it away
  • Maintenance is key, ensure your maintaining your heater a minimum twice a year - check, clean or replace fuel nozzle, fuel line, fuel filter, air line & air pump.


Instruction Manual

Maintenance Log book


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