GYPROCK Wet Area Base Coat

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Wet Area Base Coat is a pre-mixed, low VOC jointing compound with excellent tape adhesion to provide joint strength.

Gyprock Wet Area Base Coat is typically used for the first and second coat in a three coat jointing system in residential and commercial walls and ceilings. It is ideal for joints in moisture resistant systems in bathrooms, wet areas and laundries. Wet Area Base Coat is designed for application with hand tools, mud boxes, automatic tapers and other machine tools.

Joints may be finished with any Gyprock topping or all-purpose compound and sanded smooth prior to decoration. Where walls are to be tiled, no finish coat is required.

Chemical Properties
  • 1.4-1.8 Specific gravity (H20 = 1)
  • 8g/L as VOC content per material

Store buckets of compound in a dry environment out of direct sunlight. Remove lid and stir prior to use. Unused product should be stored by resealing the original bucket. Remix prior to use. Discard if drying has commenced.

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