GYPROCK Rapid Repair Kit

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Rapid Repair Kit is suitable for repairs to plasterboard walls and ceilings. It includes all you need to prepare, repair and finish nicks scratches and holes up to 150mm x 150mm. Other useful tools may include; hand saw, trimming knife, pencil, dust mask and eye protection depending on the scope of the job.

  • 1kg Gyprock Rapid Patch
  • 2 x Gyprock 150 x 150mm plasterboard panels
  • 20m Gyprock easy tape
  • 100mm broadknife
  • Sanding block
  • Mixing bucket
Chemical Properties
  • 2.3-2.4 Specific gravity (H20 = 1)
  • 10g/L as VOC content per material

Store bags of compound in a dry environment, protected from the weather and out of direct sunlight. Tear bag open from top corner to dispense compound. Unused product which has been mixed with water should be discarded. Unused product in powder format should be stored in original bag: roll the top of the bag to loosely seal, and store in an airtight container.

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