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Less Mess Topping Compound is a new semi lightweight pre-mixed formulation designed for easier application and sanding. Used as a topping coat only and not for bedding tapes and second coats, Less Mess Topping is specially formulated to finish joints and angles of plasterboard or fibre cement - ideal for use on internal walls and ceilings and as a topping compound over Wet Area Base Coat in areas subject to moisture or high humidity.

With over 80%* less airborne dust generated when sanding compared to the standard DIY jointing compound range it means less mess in the home. This, along with a 24-hour drying time between coats makes Less Mess Topping Compound ideal for home DIY jobs.

*As tested by Safe Environments Pty Ltd, November 2019

Chemical Properties
  • 1.2-1.5 Specific gravity (H20 = 1)
  • 3g/L as VOC content per material

Store buckets of compound in a dry environment out of direct sunlight. Remove lid and stir prior to use. Unused product should be stored by resealing the original bucket. Remix prior to use. Discard if drying has commenced.

This product has a 1-year shelf life.

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