GRACO G-Force II 4040 HG-DD 4000 PSI Pressure Washer

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Ideal for large residential or commercial contractors, the G-Force II 4040 HG-DD pressure washer delivers higher power and flow and is built tough to handle weekly use and deliver high flow and pressure in a compact, durable package.

A range of cleaning attachments maximises your cleaning power, allowing you to efficiently clean a range of surfaces, including pavements, driveways, vehicle tracks, muddy areas, old peeling paints and concrete surfaces. 

Different tip angles are used to suit a range of jobs from concentrated streams for cutting, to wide sprays for rinsing. See the Tip Chart tab to select the best tip to use.

Flat surface cleaners are the most productive method for cleaning large flat areas such as driveways and decking.


Direct Drive

  • Compact design with fewer components and lighter weight
  • Pump is connected directly to the drive shaft of the engine
  • Pump RPM matches that of the engine (usually around 3500 RPM)

Reliable GP Triplex Plunger Water Pump

External Pressure Unloader

  • Trouble-free, adjustable pressure
  • Ability to match application requirements
  • Keeps water cooler and prolongs pump life

Honda® GX390 Engine

  • Reliable, powerful and easy-to-start
  • Oil alert shuts down engine to prevent damage if oil level drops too low
  • Thermal sensor prevents pump from overheating in bypass mode

100% Heavy-Gauge Aluminium Frame

  • Up to 40% lighter than steel frames
  • Corrosion resistant to water and chemicals

EZ Start Pressure Relief for Easier Starting

  • Allows water bypass pump to eliminate pressure build-up in the system
  • No need to pull the gun trigger while starting the washer
Tech Specs
Type Gas Pressure Washer
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.5 L
Hose Length 15 m
Maximum Flow Rate 15.14 L/min
Maximum Working Pressure 2750 kPa (4000 PSI)
Motor Series GX390 Direct Drive
Pump Type Triplex Plunger - Forged Brass
External, variable pressure
Chemical Injector Kit
Gun and Wand Professional 920mm wand with Quick-Connect
Weight 58.5 kg


  • Professional grade 92cm wand with Quick-Connect fittings
  • Chemical injector kit
  • 4.0 orifice tips
    • 0° (Red)
    • 15° (Yellow)
    • 25° (Green)
    • 40° (White)
    • Chemical (Black)
Tip Chart
0° Red 15° Yellow 25° Green 40° White Chemical Black
Cutting Tip Chiselling Tip Flushing Tip Washing Tip Chemical Tip
Delivers a concentrated stream that can gouge or cut. Works like a scraper when used at a 40° angle. Most common nozzle for general cleaning. Wide spray for washing or rinsing a large area. Low pressure nozzle for use with detergent injector.

Ideal for:

Removing stains from concrete or other hard surfaces.

Ideal for:

Stripping paint, removing grease, mildew and stains.

Ideal for:

Cleaning dirt from siding, paths, outdoor furniture, etc

Ideal for:

Washing vehicles, windows, alu siding and delicate surfaces.

Ideal for:

Applying detergent, misting and rinsing.


Graco Pressure Cleaner Operation Manual

Graco Pressure Cleaner Range

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