GRACO 1/4" BlueMax II Airless Sprayer Hose

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Add an extra Airless Spray Hose to your sprayer for bigger projects for improved mobility and better reach. Blue Max II Airless Paint Hose provides more flexibility and is lighter weight for increased operator control. Rated to 3000psi (227 bar).

Lighter Weight

  • Over 10% lighter weight and increased hose flexibility improves under pressure

Highest Safety Standards

  • Conductive core meets the highest worldwide safety standards unlike competitive ground-wire hose designs

Minimal Hose Coil Memory

  • BlueMax II Hose has superior flexibility and reduced coil memory providing ease of use during coiling and uncoiling

Corrosion Resistant

  • Plated spring guards are more corrosion resistant

Tech Specifications

BlueMax II Airless Hose

For use with Graco spray guns and airless paint hose
Internal Diameter
6.35 mm
Max Working Pressure
22.7 MPa (3300 PSI)


Hose Selection Tips
  • 3/16 in diameter (4.8 mm) Airless Hose Ideal for interior pressure rolling or low pressure applications
  • 1/4 in diameter (6.4 mm) Airless Hose The most commonly sold hose diameter and is suitable for all applications
  • 3/8 in diameter (9.5 mm) Airless Hose Delivers the best performance at the gun with the least amount of pressure drop with heavier material and longer hose lengths
Application Tips
  • The larger the hose diameter, the greater the pressure at the gun
  • As hose diameter is reduced or the hose length increases, there will be less pressure at the gun ” possibly affecting spray patterns
  • For maximum pressure when coupling hoses together; connect the larger diameter hose to the sprayer and smaller diameter hose to the gun inlet
  • Use a whip hose to allow for flexibility when spraying

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