FESTOOL Bluetooth Remote Control for Additional Hoses

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Additional remote control for use with Bluetooth‚®‚ module (FE-202097) on Festool CLEANTEC mobile dust extractors.‚  Start your dust extraction easily with the use of a remote control directly on the hose.

With a 10m range, bluetooth communication is deal for brief cleaning between work steps ¢“ just switch over to the cleaning mode, even if the dust extractor is in AUTO mode.

The Bluetooth‚®‚ module on the dust extractor doesn't just communicate with the new radio remote control, but also with the Festool Bluetooth‚®‚ battery packs. These battery packs mean that the dust extractor will start automatically even when you switch on a cordless tool. So you can now benefit from the entire Festool dust free system even when working with Festool cordless products.

Compatible with

  • Bluetooth‚®‚ module FE-202097
  • Festool Bluetooth battery packs


Main benefits

Unbeatable convenience

  • Just retrofit the Bluetooth‚®‚ module on the spare plug-in slot on the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractors (work to be done by qualified electrician)‚ and operate the dust extractor easily by remote control or Bluetooth‚®‚  battery pack.


Bluetooth battery packs

  • The combination of Bluetooth‚®‚  module and Festool Bluetooth‚®‚  battery pack now starts the dust extractor automatically even when working with cordless tools.


Switch on from the hose

  • Switch on your‚ dust extractor via the remote control right on the suction hose and save time by not having to go‚ to the extractor. Ideal for cleaning between work steps.

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