WOOSTER Sherlock Roller Frame

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There are many reasons why Sherlock is one of the world's best-selling professional frames. 

The quick-release spring prevents roller slippage, yet allows clean, one-tap removal. Internal bearings keep the durable fibreglass-reinforced nylon cage spinning smoothly. All Sherlock frames also have a 90˚ chrome-plated 5/16" shank for control.

The comfortable, full-size grip works perfectly with extension poles, including the Sherlock GT.

  • Quick-release retaining spring prevents roller slippage, yet allows easy, one-rap removal
  • Smooth-rolling bearings eliminate shank wear and gray streaks
  • Durable, green fiberglass-reinforced nylon cage and endcaps
  • Chrome-plated 5/16� shank, 90˚ angle
  • Full-size polypropylene grip with reinforced threads
  • Sherlock GT® extension pole compatible

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