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Looking for a silver bullet primer that covers everything unwanted? Use the one contractors keep in their vans: Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® B-I-N® Primer. As the original, shellac-base primer-sealer, nothing is better at permanently blocking stains, odours and wood knots.

Use indoors or for spot exterior use. Works with any top coat.

Aerosol is ideal for hard-to-paint object such as wicker louvers, arts and crafts and more.


  • For interior and spot exterior use
  • Greatest stain sealer
  • Lightning fast dry - recoat in 45 minutes
  • Seals knots and sap streaks
  • Seals pet, smoke and musty odours
  • Shellac-base primer-sealer
  • Sticks to all interior surfaces without sanding



  • 1L - 9.8m2
  • 3.78L - 37m2
    Suitable surfaces
    • Painted drywall
    • Plaster
    • Glass
    • Vinyl
    • PVC
    • Ceramic tile
    • Plastic
    • Chair rungs
    • Fibreglass
    • Hardboard
    • Apply only when air, material, and surface temperatures are between -18 and 32ºC, the relative humidity is less than 85% and the surface temperature is 9°C above the dew point.
    • DO NOT THIN.
    • Eliminate all sources of ignition.
    • Thoroughly mix to ensure any settled pigment is redispersed before using.
    • Apply with a natural or synthetic bristle brush, roller or sprayer. Follow manufacturer's instructions when using spray equipment.
    • If B-I-N thickens in the container due to solvent evaporation, add a small amount of methylated spirits.
    • When spraying, dilute with up to 2% with methylated spirits.

    • B-I-N Shellac-Based Primer-Sealer may be tinted with up to 16 mL of universal colourant per litre. Tinting the primer toward the colour of the topcoat helps hide in one coat. Note: The addition of universal colourant may prolong the dry time of this product.


    Clean-up: Methylated spirits


    Shellac Technical Data Sheet (Aerosol)

    Shellac Safety Data Sheet (Aerosol)


    Shellac Technical Data Sheet (Tin)

    Shellac Safety Data Sheet (Tin)

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