TRADEgear XP Dacron Prolon® Roller with Frame - 12mm Nap

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TradeGear's exclusive Prolon® rollers offer the highest standard of quality coverage with ultra-low splatter.

Ideal for all large smooth to slightly textured surfaces and smooth render, the 12mm nap makes quick work of first to final coats and bold colour changes. 

Similar to a Dacron roller, the unique and purposely designed Prolon® fibres pickup and release as much paint as a wool roller sleeve, at a fraction of the cost. The synthetic material has no fibre shredding, and is extremely low splatter for confident overhead painting.

Includes 360mm steel roller frame with end caps.



  • Highest level of paint pickup and release
  • Ultra fast paint speed
  • Ultra low splatter
  • Quality heavy duty phenolic core
  • Ideal for waterbased paints
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