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Selleys Special Putty is a superior linseed oil-based putty for glazing timber frame windows and door panels.

Suitable for face glazing (front of glass), heel seal (behind glass) and bedding glazing beads (wooden strip retaining glass).

  • Easy to use - apply with putty knife or by hand
  • Superior grade
  • Suitable for timber and glass
  • Suitable for interior and exterior work
  • Glazing timber window and door panels
  • Joinery
  • Plumbing work
Instructions for Use
  1. Rebate and grooves should be clean and dry, rigid, free from distortion, true and square. Glass should be positioned in the frame so that a minimum 1.6mm clearance exists between the glass and the frame.
  2. Rebate and grooves should be of a size which allows adequate edge cover and putty volume. Recommended rebate depths: 10mm for 3-4mm glass and 15mm for 5-8mm glass. Rebate width should allow for recommended 12mm of front putty.
  3. Remove any surface skin from the putty before use. Soften putty with fingers. Apply to rear of rebate.
  4. Install glass, squeezing out putty to approximately 2mm between glass and frame. Fix glass with pins and apply putty to face up front. If using wooden glazing beads, apply additional putty in rebate. Install bead squeezing out putty to approximately 2mm thickness between glass and bead.
  5. Putty can be applied by hand or with a knife. A few drops of linseed oil on the hands or putty knife will make for easier working.
  6. Special Putty should be painted within 2-4 weeks of completion of glazing, at least 1-2mm above the putty to avoid water seepage due to possible shrinkage over time. This will help to prevent potential damage such as timber rot. Inspect the putty every 6-12 months for signs of shrinkage and paint or replace putty if needed.
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