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Unlike any other roller cleaner, Roller Blaster® gives your sleeves a deep, high pressure clean in less than 40 seconds, using up to 3.1 litres of water and containing all the mess. Only the Roller Blaster® provides an automatic one-touch, hands-free roller sleeve clean.

Whichever way you look at it, the current approaches to paint wash-up are bad for business and bad for the environment. Many professional painters are worried about the amount of time, money and water they waste in the process.

The hassle and mess also means some commercial painters resort to using ˜cheap ˜n chuck™ sleeves which are binned after use. These lower quality sleeves can impact the quality of their work, and because they don™t hold as much paint they reduce efficiency on site. Dumping sleeves is also wasteful and ruins the environment.

Whether using a single or double cycle nothing beats the power of Roller Blaster®. Remove the frustration and get a deep, high pressure clean in seconds, saving you time and money. The system pays for itself!

Cleaning Chart
Cycle Cycle Time Water Usage
Single 25 sec 1.7 L
Double 40 sec 3.1 L
Suitable for
  • Dacron
  • Microfibre
  • Wool
  • Hybrid
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