Industrial Diesel Radiant Heater - 20kw

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The HDR20 Diesel Radiant Heater is a 20KW discreet, odourless substitute for fan heaters.

Infrared heat is sent straightforward, meaning unaffected airflow, which creates a more comfortable, quiet and dust free environment. Easy to move and operate, this heater comes equipped with a ceramic fibre combustion chamber ensuring a longer life.

This unit can also be run using kerosene providing a cleaner burn.

Ideally suited for warming well ventilated warehouses and workshop areas, building applications and drying applications.

Tech Specifications
Heat Output 20 kW / 68,240 BTU
Power 110 W
Voltage 240 V
Fuel Type
Diesel or Kerosene
Tank Size 10.5 L
Consumption 1.7 L/hr
Weight 21 kg
Air Flow
165 L/s


Tips for Use
  • Check your diesel fuel is clean
  • Adequate ventilation is required, try and position the heater near a roller door so its drawing fresh air in
  • In colder regions you may have more issues with diesel fuel solidifying causing blockages in fuel lines and nozzles, blending a mixture of Kerosene essentially helps thin out the fuel creating less blockage
  • Try not to leave your heater out in the cold after use, cover it with a tarp or blanket which will help melt the fuel lines stopping any blockages
  • After winter try not to leave any diesel in the tank, use it all up and drain out of the tank and cover it with a tarp or blanket and store it away
  • Maintenance is key, ensure your maintaining your heater a minimum twice a year - check, clean or replace fuel nozzle, fuel line, fuel filter, air line & air pump.

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