GRACO RAC X Wide Low Pressure Switch Tip

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Wide Low-Pressure (WRLP) tips are ideal for surfaces you can spray with a wider spray pattern, to finish the job much quicker.

Graco’s low pressure tips are the most versatile airless spray tips Graco offers, as they are perfect for both fine finish jobs and high production applications. In general, they work with up to 50% less pressure compared to other tips, and that brings additional benefits:

  • RAC X - Wide RAC
    • The Wide RAC covers double the area in the same time - increased flow rate ensures the proper mil build
    • Wide RAC tips are made for high production, new construction applications which may require larger airless sprayers
  • Up to 50% less overspray
    • Working at lower pressure produces the perfect airless finish with less overspray, giving you better control while using less material.
  • Up to twice the life
    • As working at lower pressure also takes considerable tension of your sprayer, you extend the life of both the pump and the spray tip up to 2 times.
  • Perfect airless finish
    • You can achieve excellent paint atomisation at a lower pressure, have better control of layer thickness and suffer less from tailing, lines and runs.
  • Easiest pattern overlap
    • The improved soft spray pattern makes it easy to apply any material to any surface and provides consistent blended finish quality.
    • Reduced preparing and cleaning up
      • Less overspray and better spray control simplify preparation, as you don’t need to cover up as many areas as you would otherwise. After the job, there is less stains and residue to be cleaned up.
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