GRACO Magnum ProX17 Electric Airless Sprayer

Graco SKU: GR-17H203
  • DIY sprayer ideal for interior, rental property and large home project.
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Property maintenance pros, reno specialists and general contractors work smarter and faster with the ProX17. This innovative sprayer can tackle any interior, rental property and large home project. Replace the pump on the job with no tools and use longer hose lengths to be more productive.

Compatible materials:

  • Interior/Exterior Paint
  • Interior/Exterior Primer
  • Stain
  • Sealer

ProX Stainless Steel Piston Pump 
For greater reliability and long life

ProXChange Pump System 
Eliminates downtime with quick, no-tools pump replacement on-the-job

DC Motor 
Supports longer extension cords and up to 45m of airless hose

Fast and reliable start-up every time

SG3 Metal Spray Gun 
Premium spray gun with hose swivel making it easy to manage longer hose lengths

TrueAirless Spray Tip with SoftSpray Technology 
Greater control and less overspray with a wide range of coatings

Compact Design 
Easy to transport around the job site

Adjustable Pressure 
Easy control of paint flow

InstaClean Pump Filter 
Extra filtration reduces tip clogging

Power Flush Adapter 
Connects to garden hose for fast and easy cleanup

Tech Specifications
Power 560 W / Single phase
Amperage 8.0 A
Maximum Working Pressure 3000 psi
SG3, Maximum 1
Fluid Outlet Size 0.635 cm (1/4")
Fluid Outlet Thread Type NPSM
Compatible Tip Size 0.009", 0.011", 0.013", 0.015", 0.017"
Maximum Flow Rate 1.3 L/min
Maximum Hose Length 45 m
Frame Configuration Stand
Inlet Strainer 35 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen
Size 539 H x 384 L x 335 W (mm)
Weight 12 kg


  • SG3 Spray Gun
  • TrueAirless 515 Spray Tip
  • Spray Tip Guard
  • 1/4 in x 50m DuraFlex Hose
  • Pump Armor Storage Fluid (8 oz)
  • Quick Start-Up Guide


Magnum ProX Manual

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