GRACO 18V UltraMAX Handheld Cordless Paint Sprayer

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Tested by Pros, the UltraMAX Cordless is the ONLY Hand-held sprayer capable of spraying water-based, solvent and flammable architectural coatings. Static shock protection eliminates the potential for sparks while SmartControl technology delivers a flawless finish with no thinning so you get to the next job quicker. 

Designed specifically for small interior, exterior and specialty projects.

Triax Triple Piston Pump

  • Durable carbide piston built to deliver extended reliability and full tip support
  • The most durable, lightest weight pump
  • Fast, on-the-job pump replacement with ProConnect
  • 500-2,000 PSI 
  • .008-.016 Tip Support

Powered by DEWALT XR Lithium Ion System 

  • Supplied standard with 2 X 2.0 Ah batteries
  • Spray up to 3.8 litres with each charge 
  • GUARANTEED TOUGHTM  - Proven quality, contractor recognised battery manufacturer 
  • 3-LED fuel gauge system allows immediate feedback on state of charge
  • Lightweight design and 30% faster charge time (35 minutes)
  • Compatible with any DEWALT 20V Lithium Ion battery


  • On-The-Job Pump Replacement System
  • One Tool Replacement - Replace the pump in 3 steps using only a screwdriver


  • Spray at any hand speed with professional finish every time
  • Precision pressure control that delivers a consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuations

ProControl II

  • Adjust motor speed to spray at virtually any speed that the job demands 
  • More control allows users to spray at the speed they choose for the most professional finish

Hot Solvent Compatible

  • Sprays hot solvents such as solvent-based lacquer
  • Sprays water, solvent and flammable based materials


  • Provides superior finish at low pressure
  • Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) SwitchTips make cleaning tip clogs simple
  • Large range of sizes available to meet the job requirements
  • Works on all Graco Airless Sprayers – hand-helds to large airless

Ultra Handheld Cordless

Pressure Control Yes
Hot Solvent Compatible Yes
Pressure Range 500 - 2000 psi
Tip Type Supported RAC C FF LP
Tip Size Supported .008 - .016 in
Tip Included


FlexLiner Bags 4
Power Source 18 V
Battery Type DeWalt Li-Ion
Filter Mesh 60 Mesh


  • Ultra Handheld Cordless Spray Gun
  • 2 x DeWalt 18V Max Compact 2.0 Ah XR Lithium-Ion Batteries
  • 4 x FlexLiner Bags
  • RAC X FF LP 514 Tip
  • RAC X FF LP 210 Tip
  • Graco Pump Armour 950ml Bottle