VIKING Lambskin Roller Sleeve Regular Nap

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REGULAR NAP: is suited for application to smooth to moderately textured surfaces.

Epoxy coating products and their respective solvents or reducers play havoc with materials used for paint roller fabrication.  Plastic based fabrics used for the roller nap, PVC or similar plastics used to make the roller core, even wound phenolic core, can degrade, or worse, break down completely when used with these coatings and solvents. Glue breaking down under chemical intrusion has always been an achilles heel of paint rollers. So we designed a paint roller that removed these problems.

The VIKING Y-Frame roller sleeve utilizes 100% Australian select premium grade lambskin, big-bore polypropylene tube and no glue in its construction.

The use of a larger 47mm diameter polypropylene core results in a paint roller with a 15-20% greater paint holding capacity than a roller of the same length using standard 38mm core.  The 305mm Y-Frame paint roller on 47mm core, for example, has a capacity similar to that of a 360mm roller on standard 38mm core.

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