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Selleys 655FC is a premium 100% clear flexible adhesive and sealant powered by Selleys advanced hybrid technology. Offering a very broad primerless adhesion property with crystal clear finish, 655FC is able to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions. Once cured, it provides superior strength with instant grab. It can also be applied to wet or damp surfaces with excellent adhesion.

It is ideal for sealing, bonding and filling. Suitable for wet or dry surfaces. For interior and exterior applications.

  • Can be applied to clean, wet, non-porous surfaces.
  • Skins immediately with maximum toughness achieved over several days.
  • Paintable immediately with water based paints. Oil based paints should have undercoat applied first.
  • Suitable for interior and exterior work.
  • Joint Sealant: Can be used for vertical and horizontal joints on most indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Multipurpose adhesive: Suitable for bonding most building materials including timber, brick, concrete, tiles, metals and most plastics.
Instructions for Use
  1. Ensure all surfaces are clean and dry, free of wax grease, dust and any other foreign materials. Metal substrates should be degreased first.
  2. Cut nozzle at a sharp angle slightly wider than the desired bead or join with. If being installed as a joint sealant, always use a suitable backing rod to ensure the correct depth is achieved.
  3. Extrude sealant with a gun and tool with a round spatula within 10 minutes to spread the sealant against the joint surfaces.
  4. Uncured sealant can be removed with mineral turps
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