MONARCH NEO Advance Mini Cutter - 50 mm

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Ideal for the professional trade painter with 25% greater paint pick up and release.

Monarch Advance neo™ has been designed with premium quality HX3 Ultra Tapered™ Filament enabling you to cut straighter lines and giving you that professional, smooth finish on any painting job. Its innovative HX3 Ultra Tapered™ Filament holds 25% more paint, and releases 25% more paint, helping you get the job done faster.

Designed for use with all paint types, this brush offers superior coverage and a smooth finish with no brush marks, every time.

  • Suitable for use with all paints
  • Guaranteed no filament loss
  • Smooth, even paint release
  • Professional finish with no brush marks
  • 25% faster paint pickup and release
  • HX3 Ultra Tapered™ filament
  • Non-slip raw timber handle
  • Stainless steel ferrule
  • Triple pinned
  • Handcrafted

    Monarch Advance is for the true painting professional who is looking for that ultimate finish and understands that perfection comes from quality, durability and maximum performance. Monarch Advance represents the highest in quality when it comes to painting equipment, and only the most premium materials are used to construct these fine painting tools. You can trust when you use a Monarch Advance product, you will get the ultimate precision and control, time after time.

    • Ultimate precision and control
    • Premium quality for the professional painter
    • Maximum performance